Network requirements and communication ports

Connection problems may occur when the player is behind a firewall or under special network environments. Here's what you should know.

The player requires basic open network access which permits communication via HTTPS.



  • Every player requires access to the internet and must have a dedicated ethernet cable.

  • WiFi connections are permitted but not recommended.

  • Static IP addresses can be assigned on the media player, but we recommend enabling the DHCP server on your router, for the player to auto-obtain a local IP address.


For advanced enterprise level firewalls..

... please have your network administrator review and enable the necessary settings and ACL’s mentioned below:


Port: Protocol Description Destination IP/Domain:
53 UDP DNS (Routing) any public DNS
123 UDP NTP (Time server sync) *
80 TCP Network health detection *
443 TCP Updates and Device administration (IP : (IP: (IP: (IP:***



* Dynamic URLs that translate to a pool of different IP addresses based on region and response times. If your enterprise requires mandatory static end-point IPs for all communication, please contact us at


Additional network settings (if not enabled already):

  1. Enabling NAT
  2. Disabling Load-balancers (in order to support web-socket connections)
  3. Disabling TCP RST
  4. Enabling support for TLSv1.2